Finding your NORTH and directing your inner arrow to shoot for the stars!

Taking this course YOU will do just that. I April Small, will lovingly guide you through the process start to finish so that you can finally start living the life you actually want, remember YOU ARE THE ARTIST OF YOUR LIFE!

Why create a vision board?

In the past I have felt lost and confused about what it is I really wanted, what made me truly happy and what was my purpose here on earth. Then I found that the answers were right there within me, I just needed to ask the right questions and dive deep into the depths of my soul and then put them to paper so that I could start manifesting my dreams into reality.

We as humans have an innate desire to create and the ability to bring to life our creations. What we create through our thoughts and behaviors become the life we live. We need to take back control of our lives by taking the plunge into our subconscious and extracting what it is that lights us up and brings us JOY. Once we know that we are then able start adjusting our direction so that we are consciously and subconsciously seeking out the opportunities that will contribute to us leading a more authentic life that brings us closer to our higher self and life's purpose.

Creating a vision or dream board with me, April Small, your loving creative guide is a fun collage project that allows you to take what you learn from my workbook exercise and meditation process and put to creation those very things you desire and would like to call into your life. 

I then teach you how this wonderful craft can be used to keep you on the path of manifesting those dreams, it becomes a work of art that keeps you looking to your north and the practice of continually directing your arrow so that it doesn't get lost.

I have packed this workshop with tools that I have learned from my years studying psychology, my certifications in life coaching, art therapy life coaching and Creatively Fit coaching. There is so much value and love put into this workshop I really can't wait to share it with you!💓

Who's ready to create the life they actually want⁉️

Let's Make Magic!

More about me, your loving creative guide...

I am April Small, and I am all about spreading the LOVE, I have found the best way for me to do this is through my own passion of not just creating heART but teaching others how to create and trust that they too have a UNIQUIE CREATIVE GENIOUS that lies within each and every one of us!

I am a professional artist; I have been teaching art since 2013. I have a degree in psychology, minor in business. I also hold certifications as a Master Life Coach, Goal Success Coach, Transformation Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Creatively Fit Coach!

Part 1

First things first! I will take you into my sacred space and we will take a deep dive into our soul to find what lights us up and brings us joy through a guided meditation. You then have some heARTwork to do, you will receive a workbook and a google doc of material suggestions for our project.

(there will be links on the materials list to make finding things super easy for you)

Part 2

Now come the fun part! Let's get creative together in my studio! I will take you through my process of finding what images and other found objects to include on your vision board and how to structure your board so that it makes sense it allows you to have the four focus points that will bring balance in your life HEALTH, ADVENTURE, RELATIONSHIPS and PROFESSIONAL or HARP.

We then take our creation to the next level with fun decorations, I want you to ENJOY looking at your creation.

Part 3

Then you will be able to hang it proudly in place where you can implement what I will be teaching you in this final part of the workshop! We will go over where to place you vision board, how to use it in your daily or weekly routine so that you can get the most from it and as a

*BONUS I have included the video and workbook for creating the perfect affirmation, believe it or not there is a science to how your structuring your affirmations, I will include the do's and don'ts and calls to take action, this will help you see real results!

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