Creating heART - Rise From The Ashes

Taking the time to release your shadow and any negative dense narratives that may be holding you back from stepping into your power and living a more authentic life, true to yourself and filled with JOY and POTENTIAL.

We will go into detail by journaling about that different parts of your shadow, a life coaching practice on how to transmute all those limiting beliefs into a new positive growth oriented mindset, and creating a powerful piece of heARTwork that will serve as a reminder and visualization tool for you to use in order to consistently remind and reaffirm the changes and keep you on track to be you STAYING IN YOUR POWER and creating the life you actually want!

This includes this GO AT YOUR OWN PACE COURSE and I am available for further assistance (within reason and as soon as my schedule allows), you also gain access to a community of others going through the course by commenting, sharing and interacting throughout the steps and also my FREE private facebook community Creating heART

More about me, your loving creative guide...

I am April Small, and I am all about spreading the LOVE, I have found the best way for me to do this is through my own passion of not just creating heART but teaching others how to create and trust that they too have a UNIQUIE CREATIVE GENIOUS that lies within each and every one of us!

I am a professional artist; I have been teaching art since 2013. I have a degree in psychology, minor in business. I also hold certifications as a Master Life Coach, Goal Success Coach, Transformation Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Creatively Fit Coach!

Shadow Work

First we will explore your shadow, releasing anything that holds you back and keeps you from seeing yourself as the truly amazing, worthy and powerful being that you are.

Rise Up

Second we RISE by learning how to create new narratives that will shift you inner monologue into a growth oriented positive one that will enable you to start creating the life you actually want.

Step Into Your Power

Last we finnish up our heARTwork and I teach you how to use your new masterpiece on a daily basis to reinforce the new narratives and keep you on the path to staying in YOUR POWER.

Example Curriculum

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